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This is the final call for proposals for Synthesis Workshops. We anticipate supporting 3 more workshops out of this call. The range of topics remains open to the entire breadth of EarthScope science, although preference will be given to proposals that do not overlap with the workshops supported to date. Several of the successful past proposals have been regional rather than topical, but that reflects the proposals received rather than a specific preference for regional syntheses. See also the evaluation rubric at the bottom of the page.

EarthScope science offers many opportunities for synthesis, both within and between disciplines. More information can be found at, including a list of the 6 workshops supported so far.

Synthesis Workshops are envisioned to be small workshops of 10-15 people that are intended to help start successful working groups. They will allow the group to work towards synthesis of multiple types of data focused on a single topic or region. For example, data from USArray, PBO, and SAFOD studies could be linked with results from other disciplines. We will be using the output of these workshops as part of its efforts to bring EarthScope science to the public, and we hope that the workshops themselves will lead to working groups that will follow up with additional research, papers, or their own proposals as appropriate. Travel and other costs for the workshops selected will be supported by the ESNO, and the ESNO will handle other logistical arrangements.

To apply you will need: workshop title, primary contact name & email, eventual additional co-organizers, anticipated key participants, proposed location, proposed time of year (if there is some preference), motivation for the workshop, types of EarthScope data used, relationship of the topic to EarthScope science goals, what progress toward synthesis you think could be made at the workshop, additional information, text and figures that represent a commitment to work on the topic (size should not exceed 8MB). Workshop locations are flexible, but inexpensive locations with easy flight access are ideal.

After workshop topics have been chosen, the ESNO will host applications for participation. After participants have been selected, the ESNO will ask all applicants individually to submit working material that will be used in the workshops. What the organizers should submit now in the supplemental file should be limited to figures and/or text that clarify the scope and aims, and illustrate their own commitment to the topic (not a full submission of everything they would bring to the workshop).

Category Points Question
Core team 10  How representative of this topic is the science team? Are the proposers well connected with the scientists in this topic? Are they publishing themselves on the topic?
Broader impacts 10  Are broader impacts addressed? Is the topic amenable to education and outreach opportunities? Do they propose any opportunities?
EarthScope Science 20  How representative is the topic, considering the full set of EarthScope publications? Is the topic addressed in the 2010-2020 Science Plan? Does the proposal articulate clear synthesis goals?
Implementation strategy 10  How do the organizers plan to organize the members of the workshop, communicate, and make it to the end goals?
Multidisciplinary 10  How multidisciplinary is the topic? Will it connect disparate groups within the EarthScope community?
Clarity of the Proposal 10  Is the proposal clear and well written? Are the goals and objectives laid out clearly and persuasively?
Deliverables 10  Does the proposal discuss workshop deliverables? Will these deliverables be effective and appropriate?
Degree of difference from past workshops 20  Is the topic, region, or theme of this proposed workshop distinct and different from the six workshops supported so far? Overlap is possible, but the greater the degree of overlap the lower this score will be.