Synthesis Workshops

Synthesis Workshops are envisioned to be small workshops of 10-15 people and are intended to help start successful working groups. The EarthScope National Office uses the output of these workshops as part of its efforts to bring EarthScope science to the public. We hope that the workshops themselves will lead to working groups that will follow up with additional research, papers, or their own proposals as appropriate. Synthesis workshops come with funding to cover the travel expenses of the participants. Over the next four years, the EarthScope National Office at the University of Alaska Fairbanks will support a series of ten EarthScope Synthesis Workshops, each of which bringing a small group of scientists together from multiple disciplines.


The application and information to attend a workshop is located on each workshop information page.


Life and Death of a Craton: A 4D EarthScope perspective on the role of the Wyoming Craton in the evolution of North America

January 11-13, 2019

Application Deadline: September 28, 2018 by 11:59 PM AKDT

Location: Montana State University, Bozeman

Information & Application Form

To attend a Synthesis Workshop

Applications for participation in the workshops are accepted through ESNO and each participant is expected to submit some text and figures that represent a commitment to work on the topic. Final decisions on participation will be made jointly by ESNO and workshop organizer(s). Each workshop will be expected to synthesize the material submitted by the participants and develop a plan for future action, including lead authors. Direct deliverables from each workshop will include a synthesis document based on the work done already on the topic, plus a plan for future action as a working group. Further virtual meetings of the groups can be supported by ESNO using WebEx or telecons. We will encourage these groups to produce review and synthesis papers and contribute to an EarthScope synthesis special volume (physical or virtual), and to material that can be put in terms understandable for the public for web and media distribution. Proposals should briefly discuss opportunities for Education and Outreach associated with the synthesis topic, and the workshops are encouraged to use some time to discuss E&O opportunities.


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