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Creeps and starts on the San Andreas fault near San Juan Bautista By Roland Burgmann, Taka'aki Taira, and Robert M. Nadeau (Berkeley Seismological Laboratory, University of California, Berkeley)

By road, boat, plane and helicopter: Creating a remote seismic measurement network By Carl Tape, Douglas Christensen, and Kyle Smith (University of Alaska Fairbanks); Melissa M. Moore-Driskell (University of North Alabama); Justin Sweet (IRIS)

Probing volcanic systems with Bayesian inversion using physics-based models By Paul Segall, Ying-Qi Wong (Stanford University); Kyle Anderson (USGS)

Recent Craton Growth by Under-accreting an Ocean Plateau Beneath Wyoming By Eugene Humphreys (University of Oregon Eugene) and Robert van der Hilst (MIT)

Crustal Strength Profiles Across the Brittle-Ductile Transition By John Platt (University of Southern California) and W. M. Behr (University of Texas Austin)

The Vertical Fingerprint of Earthquake Cycle Loading in Southern California By Bridget Smith-Konter (University of Hawaii at Manoa), David Sandwell (Scripps Institution of Oceanography), Xiaopeng Tong (University of Washington), Samuel Howell (University of Hawaii at Manoa), Neil Frazer (University of Hawaii at Manoa)

Locked, Loaded and Looming? By Bridget Smith-Konter (University of Hawaii at Manoa), David Sandwell (Scripps Institution of Oceanography), Xiaopeng Tong (University of Washington)

Mantle Anisotropic Structure and Dynamics Beneath the Western United States By Kelly Liu (Missouri University of Science and Technology), Stephen S. Gao (Missouri University of Science and Technology)

Hot, Wet Mantle Below the New Madrid Seismic Zone By Charles Langston (University of Memphis), Christine Powell (University of Memphis), Steve Horton (University of Memphis), Heather Deshon (Southern Methodist University), Charles Ammon (Pennsylvania State University), Robert Herrman (Saint Louis University)

Lights, Cameras, Action! By Lois McLean (Storyline); Carla McAuliffe, Erin Bardar (Technical Education Research Centers (TERC))

Imaging of Slow Fault Movements with Microearthquakes By Taka'aki Taira (Berkeley Seismological Laboratory), Roland Bürgmann (Berkeley Seismological Laboratory), Robert M. Nadeau (Berkeley Seismological Laboratory), Douglas S. Dreger (Berkeley Seismological Laboratory)

Uppermost mantle seismic velocity structure beneath USArray By Jeanine Buehler (University of California San Diego) and Peter Shearer (University of California San Diego)