Resources for Researchers

EarthScope resources (illustrations, logos, power-point presentations, ...) can be used to enhance the development of presentations, websites, and curricula.

Illustrations & Logos



Full Globe w. logo

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Cropped Globe

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Instruments Globe

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TA SeismicStation

TA Seismic Station

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TA stations in AK

TA stations in AK

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Permament Seismic Station

Perm. S. Station

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GPS Station

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Laser - Strainmeter

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Black Logo

Black Logo

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Logo Colored


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Overview Presentation

Shorter version (9 slides): PPT (14.7MB)

Longer version (14 slides): PPT (14.4MB)                                        

Please email us if you need higher resolution for your presentation: uaf-earthscope[at] These overview slides may be used and modified for presentations involving instrumentation, data, science results, and education and outreach incorporating the NSF EarthScope Program

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PowerPoint Template with ES Logo and Globe - Large PowerPoint [5.2 MB]

All our videos are available on our EarthScope youtube channel. Here is a selection of playlists you might be interested in:

"I use EarthScope Data" Video Series: EarthScope National Office asked scientists using EarthScope data to describe their project in less than a minute.

EarthScope Chronicle Series playlist: These videos highlight the individual stories & research of EarthScope scientists.

How-to video series for accessing UNAVCO's geodetic data

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