Patricia Persaud

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“I am from Guyana in South America, where there are extremely high tides that flood the city’s coastal areas. When we were kids, my parents had us measure the tides, and I think that was one of my first encounters with collecting data.

I was always curious about understanding things from a physical point of view, so I naturally became interested in geophysics. My favorite part of my job is discovering something interesting or unique in my data and witnessing that moment of discovery through my students.

I am also a yogi, and I apply a lot of the principles of yoga in my life and my research, particularly in dealing with people. As professors, we are more than just researchers: we deal with students, colleagues, committees, and the university as a whole. There are many challenges to doing research, and how you deal with success and failure can really impact things down the road. It’s important to me to be tolerant and generous and to have some sort of balance in the way I approach life.”

Patricia Persaud is an assistant professor at Louisiana State University. She studies structures beneath the earth's surface (e.g., active faults in southern California) to provide a more detailed picture of the earth’s subsurface.

Persaud attended the February 2017 EarthScope Synthesis Workshop on the structural and tectonic evolution of the southern margin of North America.


—by Sara Tewksbury


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