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“I love that my job allows me to directly impact people’s lives. In March 2017, I traveled to San Jose, Puerto Rico, with a team from the Puerto Rico Seismic Network to observe the territory’s first-ever nighttime tsunami evacuation simulation. We are currently preparing reports to evaluate the proposed evacuation route and help improve their procedure. Working in earthquake hazards in the Caribbean involves a lot of international cooperation and politics. For example, we were able to create a fairly comprehensive array to map out earthquake locations when researchers from the various islands compiled their seismic data. International cooperation makes large-scale tsunami exercises possible. The exercise in March, which we called Caribe Wave 2017, involved over 470,000 participants from 48 countries and territories, making it one of the largest tsunami preparedness exercises in the world!

All of my students are bilingual, so I teach half in Spanish and half in English. It's fun to improve my Spanish; plus, the students I teach are absolutely amazing.”

Liz Vanacore is an assistant research professor at the Puerto Rico Seismic Network, where she works on earthquake hazards. She also teaches at the University of Puerto Rico Mayagüez.
Vanacore attended the February 2017 EarthScope Synthesis Workshop on the structural and tectonic evolution of the southern margin of North America.


by Sara Tewksbury


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