Last Date to Submit Proposals for Final NSF EarthScope Funding Cycle

Feb 12, 2018

The Final Date to submit an EarthScope proposal is February 12, 2018.

This National Science Foundation (NSF) solicitation primarily encourages submission of proposals that integrate and synthesize major outcomes of EarthScope research and education and outreach efforts with the goal of elucidating and documenting the advances the EarthScope program has made since its inception.

This Program also accepts single investigator or collaborative proposals to conduct scientific research and/or education and outreach activities within North America that:

1. Make use of capabilities provided through, and/or data and/or models derived from, GAGE (Geodesy Advancing Geosciences and EarthScope), SAGE (Seismological Facilities for the Advancement of Geosciences and EarthScope), and/or SAFOD (San Andreas Fault Observatory at Depth);

2. Further the scientific and educational goals of EarthScope, as described in the 2010 EarthScope Science Plan and/or EarthScope Education and Outreach Implementation Plan; and

3. Do not make use of or require access to the SAFOD Main Hole or SAFOD Pilot Hole.


For details and contact information visit the NSF website.